NSR & Integrasys Joint Webinar – Adapting to the New Space War

Register now to join NSR & Integrasys in this joint webinar exploring the challenges of the new space war, from infrastructure concerns to cybersecurity.

Date: Tuesday, May 10th 2022
Time: 10:00AM ET / 4:00PM CEST

Jamming and spoofing capabilities are becoming essential on the battlefield. In the military domain, the need to protect mission-critical systems, as well as the full satellite network infrastructure, has led to the development of new technologies capable of cancelling, avoiding, and coexisting with intentional interferences, as well as managing cyber threats.

In this webinar, the panelists will explore the challenges of the new space war, and the growing segments inside these types of technology to attack, defend, and improve the resiliency of communications. Also, how these technologies are evolving to meet current military requirements. The discussion will focus on advanced RF defence techniques, as well as exploring situations where threats can endanger the full mission.


Introduction and moderation:

Brad Grady, President & COO, Northern Sky Research (NSR)

Panel Speakers: 

  • Integrasys: Alvaro Sanchez, CEO
  • ST Engineering, iDirect: Tim Winter, Vice President, Global Accounts
  • Aicox Soluciones: Carlos Felix Laborda, Business Development Director
  • Communications & Power Industries: Tim Shroyer, CTO
  • EXATEL: Andrzej Szyszkiewicz, Senior Architect of Voice Networks and Service Layer