Research, Development and Technological Innovation (R+D+i)

The Management of Aicox Soluciones, SA, is firmly positioned in favor of research, development and technological innovation (R+D+i) as key instruments to increase productivity and, consequently, our competitiveness.

Our goal is to achieve a leadership position in the field of R+D+i, to promote the development of the Company and thus improve the service we provide to society.

Consequently, it assumes the commitment to:

  • Promote R+D+i opportunities in our fields of activity.
  • Contemplate the R+D+i objectives in the strategic plans.
  • Develop and apply new technologies and methodologies that improve our technical capacity and increase our productivity.
  • Implement and maintain in the Company an R+D+i Management System certified according to UNE 166002 and establishing the mechanisms that guarantee the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
  • Foster a culture of R+D+i in our staff, promoting creativity and teamwork.
  • Systematize the compilation of the knowledge obtained from R+D+i projects for its dissemination and application in the Company and, when appropriate, in society as a whole.
  • Properly exploit and protect the results of our R+D+i activities.
  • The Management establishes the policy for the protection and exploitation of results, as well as an investment policy in R+D+i, which is initially reflected in the budget of each R+D+i project, and which will subsequently be translated into an item specifically for R+D+i in the general budget of the Company.