veteranos BMR y VEC

The Army allocates nine million to the maintenance of veterans BMR and VEC

The Spanish Land Army has opened a contract for the maintenance of all versions of the BMR and VEC, where Aicox will be in charge of updating the command posts on BMR. Read full article here . To see the video, click here .

The Army is trained in the operation of its new Elbit E-Lynx radio

Aicox, in conjunction with Telefonica and Elbit, will be in charge of managing the E-lynx radio systems. To read the full article click here. To see the video, click here .
Woody Social

Aicox improves with Woody the project “automated production of audiovisual content”

Aicox Soluciones collaborates with the Woody Social solution in the project of contracting a service to make available a platform for the production of audiovisual content in an automated way at the RTVM facilities. The project, which…
Woody Social

Aicox has been chosen to carry out RTVE’s automatic subtitling service together with Etiqmedia

Aicox Soluciones has been chosen to carry out the automatic subtitling service for people with hearing disabilities of RTVE's bilingual Territorial news programs together with our technological partner Etiqmedia. After the implementation of…
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Early detection of fires is a fundamental need to preserve forests. Although important advances have been made in this field, current systems have two major handicaps: - The technology used is not the ideal one. To date, they are based on image…
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ITELAZPI chooses Aicox Soluciones to carry out the renewal of the video contribution network with compression with Harmonic and Axon.

Itelazpi renews its contribution network with Harmonic and Axon Given the evolution of all EiTB studios to HD video signals, the need arises to evolve the ITELAZPI Video Contribution Network, towards a Network that supports HD video encoding,…