Advantech Launches revolutionary solution for EV charging and energy storage applications

Advantech, a global leader in AIoT and Edge Computing, is thrilled to announce a new single board computer (SBC) AFE-E420 in our brand-new application focused AFE product series, aimed to consolidate a solution for EV charger and energy storage applications. Leveraging with NXP® Semiconductors and Arm technologies, it offers the highest reliability, security, and scalable performance in different workloads while maintaining minimal power consumption and reduced thermal dispassion, making it a perfect, robust, and economical solution for field applications.

Advantech AFE-E420 adopts latest NXP i.MX 93 applications processor series, which enhances performance while reducing power consumption with its upgraded Arm® Cortex®-A55. An integrated Cortex-M33 co-processor is an independent, MCU-like core that ease handling real-time domain and critical function tasks such as control pilot monitoring between charger and EV communications. The i.MX 93 applications processor is also the first i.MX family to adopt the Arm Ethos-U65 microNPU, enabling developers to create more advanced machine learning applications with cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. Advanced EdgeLock® secure enclave then helps to enhance the secure level in a widely adoption scenario.

“The highly integrated i.MX 93 applications processors combine the capabilities of the Arm Ethos-U65 microNPU with advanced security and a high degree of integration to deliver efficient, fast, secure machine learning at the edge,” said Alexandra Dopplinger, Director of Product Marketing, Building and Energy, NXP. “Advantech’s AFE-E420 SBC enables the i.MX 93 SoC’s comprehensive capabilities to deliver faster time to market for EV chargers and energy storage applications.”

AFE-E420 targets to integrate both EVSE and SECC to simplify an EV charger design, manufacture, and maintenance. Within a small 145 x 115mm dimension, it provides dual displays, 4 ports of CAN-FD, 6 ports of selectable RS-232/422/485, 6 RTD channels, and 2 ports of control pilot.To aim at EV charging solution, AFE-E420 integrates multiple, independent CAN-FD and Powerline Communication (PLC) interfaces for CCS1, CCS2, NACS, GB/T, and CHAdeMo compliance. We collaborate with many ISVs to enable ISO15118 and OCPP protocols to ease the deployment and maintenance of end devices. Advantech is also a member of CharIN which manages the standard of CCS, MCS, Plug & Charge, and V2G, ensuring that our solutions always meet latest standard and address market needs.

With its advanced processing capabilities, machine learning integration, and broad compatibility, the AFE-E420 is poised to revolutionize EV charging and energy management, driving the industry towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

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