Aicox Soluciones is certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, PECAL 2110 and PECAL 2210.


The main objective of Aicox Soluciones is to carry out its activities with the highest levels of quality and demand, as well as to provide the greatest possible added value to our products and services, making them compatible with sustainable development.

It is intended that the activities of Aicox Soluciones allow us to fulfill the commitments acquired with our clients and users, comply with the applicable legal regulations and requirements and other requirements that the company subscribes (especially those related to its environmental aspects) and also anticipate their needs. .

It is a commitment of the organization, the dynamics of continuous improvement both in the field of Quality and in that of environmental management to adapt our company to the changing needs of the markets in which we participate.

This main objective must be achieved with maximum efficiency, both in our Quality management system and in our environmental management system, to achieve the satisfaction of customers, company personnel and different stakeholders.

The Management of Aicox Soluciones undertakes to provide the necessary means to achieve the above objectives that are intended to be achieved through the following guidelines:

  • That strategic plans are established, with clear objectives in our organization, with their follow-ups, verifications and additional measures, if any.
  • That the general risks of our company are considered and managed appropriately to minimize or eliminate them.
  • The entire organization is involved in achieving an improvement in the quality of our products and services, in improving the efficiency of our processes, in preventing pollution and reducing the negative environmental impacts derived from them.
  • The legal, normative and regulatory requirements that affect the development of the company’s activities, including those related to the environmental aspects associated with them, must be met.
  • All staff must be involved in the detection, analysis and correction of inefficiencies and bad practices that cause quality and environmental problems, as well as the elimination of their causes. Both deviations and errors, as well as complaints, claims and suggestions received must be considered as a source of information and opportunities for improvement.
  • We must demand the highest quality and commitment from our subcontractors and suppliers, advance the environmental needs of our work sectors and evaluate them.
  • We prepare contingency plans for those potential risks to control them if they occur, eliminating or minimizing their impact to the extent of our possibilities.

As a result of these acquired commitments and within this framework, Aicox Soluciones SA is certified in  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, PECAL 2110 and PECAL 2210 in all the activities we carry out.