Harmonic presents a DVB-SIS solution for satellite distribution

Harmonic’s new SIS (Single Illumination System) solution aims to ensure greater interoperability and provide cost savings to broadcasters with DTT and DTH services.

Based on the DVB-SIS standard, Harmonic’s new solution aims to reduce multiplex distribution costs by approximately 50% compared to the dual lighting method. In this way, broadcasting operators will be able to offer regional channels “with greater efficiency”.

Stephane Cloirec, vice president of video equipment products at Harmonic, provides more details of the solution: “Our new SIS solution optimizes the distribution of DTT and DTH by satellite and offers a comprehensive solution for DVB-SIS, including transmission and reception . Our software solution provides operators with a flexible, scalable and cost-effective approach to increase viewer engagement by including regional channels in DTT offerings.”

Harmonic’s DVB-SIS offering is available as a software license on the ProStream X Video Stream Processor and XOS Edge Advanced Media Processor. Those users interested in migrating to DVB-SIS only need to activate the software at the headend and at the transmitter. Similarly, with Harmonic’s DVB-SIS solution, operators can individually tune the bandwidth of regional channels, “improving distribution efficiency and flexibility.”