Aicox presents Advantech embedded boards and systems for mission-critical applications


Selection and control of components

Components and suppliers certified for environments with a wide range of temperature and humidity.
2011/65/EU RoHS
REACH 1907/2006

design quality

Strict layout design and process checking.
IPC-4101, IPC-A-610G Class 2 and 3

wide temperature range

Simulation and thermal validation.
100% in-camera tests before shipping.

Shock / Vibration

External mechanical fixing for key parts; corner joint for the main chip.

protective coating

Automatic coating process and visual inspection.

Manufacturing capacity

Advanced manufacturing process in electronic assembly industries.
ISO9001 & ISO14001
IPC-A-610G Class 2 and 3

How does Advantech meet your indoor and outdoor needs?

Advantech’s robust solutions are the ideal choice for customers seeking flexible I/O and 24/7 reliability. Advantech products can operate over a wide temperature range and adhere to exacting standards from design through production. Advantech selection includes solutions for extreme environments and rugged outdoor applications

hardware design

– Selection of components.
– Quality thermal design.
– Laboratory tested.
– High tolerance to vibrations.
– BIOS and TPM protected.

Manufacturing capacity

– Phoenix 100% temperature control.
– Phoebus: temperature extended natively with ORT.
– 100% test and inspection.

embedded software

– Remote monitoring and control of hardware.
– Vertical market of I.Apps and WISE-PaaS.
– AIM-Linux and Windows.

Additional services

– Protective coating.
– Corner bonding.
– Anti-sulfur materials.
– Long-lasting supports.
– MIL-STD 810G/IPC-A 610G Class 3 certifications.

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