Aicox Soluciones, HISPASAT and Ovzon will participate in the SEDEXPO International Fair

Aicox Soluciones, HISPASAT and Ovzon will participate in the SEDEXPO International Fair on November 17-19.

These companies will present their “SATCOM as-a-Service” solutions with a toolkit specifically designed for defense, fire and rescue services.

In addition, “SATCOM as-a-Service” combines Ovzon’s high performance and mobile satellite mobile terminals, both On-The-Pause and On-The-Move, the reliability of HISPASAT satellite connectivity and the Aicox local support.

Aicox Soluciones, HISPASAT and Ovzon will present at their stand at the SEDEXPO International Fair, which takes place in Silleda between November 17 and 19, the “SATCOM as-a-Service” solutions aimed at the field of defense and emergencies. These solutions can be offered through three different Ovzon terminals:

  • Ovzon T6 , a lightweight and rugged portable broadband terminal, the size of a laptop, that can be deployed, aligned and connected in less than a minute and provides connectivity via a satellite link.
  • Ovzon Medium W/H satellite broadband terminals for on-the-go applications. Combined with satellite services, they offer full mobility, ease of use and access for customers.
  • Ovzon Mini , a small broadband satellite terminal for mobile applications.

OVZON T6 Ovzon Medium W/H

Both Ovzon T6 and Ovzon Mini can deploy On-The-Pause applications and be transported in small cases, while Ovzon Medium W/H can be installed on mobile platforms such as UAVs, helicopters, maritime vessels or land vehicles to offer On-The-Move solutions. . All of them are capable of transmitting up to 70 Mbps and receiving up to 120 Mbps.

In addition, these solutions are marketed under different business models:

OVZON PLUS , a solution that offers flexible data rates, as well as a data package per GB.
OVZON GO is a dedicated solution, used specifically for a fixed usage model.
OVZON HERO is an advanced and customized high-performance solution that allows the most demanding customers to perform tasks in critical environments.

Likewise, and as a complement to this type of portable or mobile connectivity solutions, HISPASAT will present, in collaboration with the company PYRO, its fire prevention and fighting system based on Bseed WATCH® technology. This solution combines the use of sensors with satellite connectivity in 100% of the territory to offer a forest fire monitoring tool; which allows you to calculate, up to 10 days in advance, the risk of fire, the rates of fire spread or the humidity of forest fuels. Bseed WATCH® also has early detection systems without false alarms, thanks to its temperature, CO and CO2 sensors, which send an alert to the population and those responsible for local emergencies in a matter of seconds. In the event of a fire, Bseed WATCH® provides a unique view of the emergency, offering high-quality information on the area, such as its weather conditions, the location and progress of the fire in real time, and the control of evacuation routes. All this information obtained by the system is offered openly to the population and those responsible for extinction, so that they can take and plan more effective and safer actions to extinguish the fire.