Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 – BREMEN, GERMANY November 14-16

Join us at Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 in Bremen, Germany, November 14-16.
Europe’s largest B2B event for the space industry provides attendees with fundamental knowledge of current industry trends, challenges and opportunities to engage with experts from across the industry and supply chain.
See the latest technological innovations breaking into the market and driving European space technology, satellite operations and the aviation and maritime end-user industries.

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Atlantic Microwave launches new ODU satellite simulator

Atlantic Microwave, leaders in Satcom RF test equipment, has released a new modular ODU satellite simulator.
The SatSim uses the versatile Genus universal platform to provide configurable loop testing across multiple bands including C, X, Ku and Ka-band. The engineering team can configure the satellite simulator to your custom frequency requirements, as well as provide additional bespoke features if required.

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Antonics together with Aicox will be present at the Mobility 2.0 Fair

Among the solutions that will be shown during the fair, the following stand out:
• Monitoring and control systems
• Computing and communications hardware solutions.
• Flat antennas for mobile, embedded and static system solutions.
• LORA satellite communications solutions
• Unique hydrogen fuel cell solutions.
We are waiting for you at our stand.
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Filtronic wins Leonardo’s Innovative Supplier Collaboration Award

RF and MM wave specialist Filtronic has been awarded Leonardo’s Innovative Supplier Collaboration Award as part of the Leonardo Innovation Awards 2023. The main suppliers of the aerospace and defense giant are awarded, who have stood out for their commitment to excellence, the spirit of collaboration and the excellent results obtained.
Filtronic received this award for manufacturing innovation, specifically related to Leonardo’s transmit and receive (MRT) modules. Filtronic has invested in technology that could enable a transition from hybrid assemblies to plastic-packaged modules, resulting in a significant improvement in performance vs. cost. For a typical AESA radar that requires a large number of these components, this could result in a gradual change in capability.

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Filtronic secures second ESA project in six months

RF and MM wave specialist Filtronic has been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) to study the use of D-band links in future 6G satellite systems. This is part of a collaborative partnership led by leading independent consultancy firm, Plum Consulting with the University of Sussex.

The contract, which will last 18 months from October 2023, has been awarded through the European Space Agency’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme, with support from the United Kingdom Space Agency (UKSA). . This follows Filtronic’s previous success with the ARTES programme, which has received funding to develop technology for ESA that enables high-frequency gateway links from satellites to ground stations.

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Radiall Shanghai

In 2020, Radiall Shanghai moved to a new building in Jiading district. With an area of ​​22,000 square meters, the new factory is double the size of the previous plant. This expansion allows it to double its production capacity.
There are multiple production areas, spread over three floors. The first floor has a double-hole gold processing workshop, a warehouse and an advanced electroplating workshop. The second and third floors have assembly workshops.

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The global impact of manufacturing

Manufacturing has always been at the heart of technological advancement and economic growth. In today’s rapidly evolving world, this is particularly true for industries such as aerospace, defense and telecommunications. These markets are witnessing innovative transformations, driven by innovative manufacturing processes. For Manufacturing Day, discover how the industry is shaping the future of these critical sectors.

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