Application Note Update
APVSGXX(-X) | AN6001: IQ File Format | V2.4 | download

GUI Update
APVSGXX(-X) | V1.0.25 | Nov. 2023 | download

New graphical display of PDW segments
New bookmark editor
FCP calibration function
Minor bug fixes and improvements

New technical sheet
APMQS20 | V1.01 | Nov. 2023 | download

Firmware updates:

APSINXXG | V0.4.208 | Nov. 2023 |

Updates the options query response format (“*OPC?”).
The option information queried or displayed in the GUI and on the front panel is now in line with our option description in the data sheet and other sales documentation.

APUASYN20(-X) V0.4.208 | Nov. 2023 |

Improves FCP link stability by adding advanced FCP packet checking.
Invalid packets are now discarded without stopping the FCP operation.


Filtronic launches E-band solid-state power amplifier (SSPA)

Filtronic, a world leader in high frequency RF design and manufacturing, today announced the launch of the Cerus 32 range of E-band SSPAs. The latest addition to this expanding range of power amplifiers for terrestrial and non-terrestrial communications further expands plus the limits of performance. Based on proven Cerus power combining technology, this new design redefines the bar for performance. The Cerus 32 is highly configurable, offering an improved user interface and seamless integration.

The amplifiers can be easily customized to improve integration and are available as stand-alone SSPAs with WR12 input on top and output on bottom, or with input and output on bottom. Additionally, they can be supplied with a powerful integrated Morpheus transceiver and high-power diplexer, providing a high-power integrated transceiver module, ideal for low-Earth orbit applications.

For more information, see here


The leader in RF technology adds a new service to its portfolio

Filtronic, a provider of radio frequency, microwave and mmWave technology, has invested in state-of-the-art plastic encapsulation equipment, which will allow the company to offer fully molded plastic packaging for its high-performance RF components. Filtronic is one of the few companies in Europe that has the technology and know-how to offer this service – and is unique in combining its RF knowledge with a vertically integrated offering.

Filtronic has been a leader in radio frequency, microwave and mmWave technology for more than 45 years, and the new investment in plastic encapsulation is a testament to the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, quality and innovation.

For more information, see here


Expanding semiconductor manufacturing for new space applications

Filtronic, a leading designer of RF, microwave and mmWave products, has announced its participation in an innovative feasibility study aimed at improving and scaling up semiconductor design and manufacturing in the UK. The initiative forms part of Innovate UK’s investment of up to £11.5 million in innovation projects to improve semiconductor manufacturing capabilities across the country.

The project, called “OPTIME-PA: Optimal MMIC Design of Electronic Bandwidth Power Amplifiers for Satcom Using Dedicated Measurements and Nonlinear Modeling,” addresses the critical need for accurate simulations to predict Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) performance. designs for millimeter wave applications. Given the challenges inherent in commissioning PRMs once they are manufactured, accurate modeling is vital to achieving first-pass design success, shortening development cycles, reducing manufacturing costs, and improving product competitiveness. .

For more information, see here


High frequency solutions to meet test and measurement needs

In the test and measurement industry, the demand for reliable and efficient interconnection solutions is critical to ensuring accurate and accurate data transmission. But this need goes far beyond tests and measurements. Some of these applications use interconnect solutions capable of operating up to 67 GHz.

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The latest interconnection trends in the test and measurement market

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the test and measurement industry, interconnect solutions play a critical role in enabling seamless data transmission and precision testing. With complex and specialized testing procedures that are time-consuming, the test and measurement industry needs to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test equipment. These are some of the main trends currently affecting the test and measurement industry.

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Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 – BREMEN, GERMANY November 14-16

Join us at Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 in Bremen, Germany, November 14-16.
Europe’s largest B2B event for the space industry provides attendees with fundamental knowledge of current industry trends, challenges and opportunities to engage with experts from across the industry and supply chain.
See the latest technological innovations breaking into the market and driving European space technology, satellite operations and the aviation and maritime end-user industries.

For more information, see here


Atlantic Microwave launches new ODU satellite simulator

Atlantic Microwave, leaders in Satcom RF test equipment, has released a new modular ODU satellite simulator.
The SatSim uses the versatile Genus universal platform to provide configurable loop testing across multiple bands including C, X, Ku and Ka-band. The engineering team can configure the satellite simulator to your custom frequency requirements, as well as provide additional bespoke features if required.

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Antonics together with Aicox will be present at the Mobility 2.0 Fair

Among the solutions that will be shown during the fair, the following stand out:
• Monitoring and control systems
• Computing and communications hardware solutions.
• Flat antennas for mobile, embedded and static system solutions.
• LORA satellite communications solutions
• Unique hydrogen fuel cell solutions.
We are waiting for you at our stand.
For more information contact Jose Luis Learte


Filtronic wins Leonardo’s Innovative Supplier Collaboration Award

RF and MM wave specialist Filtronic has been awarded Leonardo’s Innovative Supplier Collaboration Award as part of the Leonardo Innovation Awards 2023. The main suppliers of the aerospace and defense giant are awarded, who have stood out for their commitment to excellence, the spirit of collaboration and the excellent results obtained.
Filtronic received this award for manufacturing innovation, specifically related to Leonardo’s transmit and receive (MRT) modules. Filtronic has invested in technology that could enable a transition from hybrid assemblies to plastic-packaged modules, resulting in a significant improvement in performance vs. cost. For a typical AESA radar that requires a large number of these components, this could result in a gradual change in capability.

For more information, see here


Filtronic secures second ESA project in six months

RF and MM wave specialist Filtronic has been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) to study the use of D-band links in future 6G satellite systems. This is part of a collaborative partnership led by leading independent consultancy firm, Plum Consulting with the University of Sussex.

The contract, which will last 18 months from October 2023, has been awarded through the European Space Agency’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme, with support from the United Kingdom Space Agency (UKSA). . This follows Filtronic’s previous success with the ARTES programme, which has received funding to develop technology for ESA that enables high-frequency gateway links from satellites to ground stations.

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Radiall Shanghai

In 2020, Radiall Shanghai moved to a new building in Jiading district. With an area of ​​22,000 square meters, the new factory is double the size of the previous plant. This expansion allows it to double its production capacity.
There are multiple production areas, spread over three floors. The first floor has a double-hole gold processing workshop, a warehouse and an advanced electroplating workshop. The second and third floors have assembly workshops.

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The global impact of manufacturing

Manufacturing has always been at the heart of technological advancement and economic growth. In today’s rapidly evolving world, this is particularly true for industries such as aerospace, defense and telecommunications. These markets are witnessing innovative transformations, driven by innovative manufacturing processes. For Manufacturing Day, discover how the industry is shaping the future of these critical sectors.

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AnaPico attended the European Microwave Week Fair in Berlin.

The 26th edition of the European Microwave Week (EuMW 2023) has arrived in Berlin to continue the highly successful annual series of microwave events that began in 1998. EuMW 2023 consists of three conferences that were held simultaneously::

  • European Microwave Conference (EuMC).
  • European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC).
  • European Radar Conference (EuRAD).


Antonics together with Aicox will be present at the Mobility 2.0 Fair

Among the solutions that will be shown during the fair, the following stand out:

  • Monitoring and control systems.
  • Computing and communications hardware solutions.
  • Flat antennas for mobile, embedded and static system solutions.
  • LORA satellite communications solutions.
  • Unique hydrogen fuel cell solutions.

We are waiting for you at our stand.

For more information contact José Luis Learte


Boost 5G mobile backhaul with spectral efficiency

Filtronic, a global leader in mmWave and high-frequency communications solutions, has announced the launch of the Hercules II E-band transceiver, an innovative turnkey solution for high-power, high-capacity E-band links. The Hercules II combines Filtronic’s Morpheus II transceiver and a Cerus 4 or 8 SSPA module, revolutionizing high-speed backhaul networks with its unmatched performance and versatility.

For more information, see here


RF Specialist Selected for Defense Technology Exploitation Program

Filtronic, the leading provider of advanced RF and mmWave solutions, has been selected by the Defense and Security Accelerator (DASA) for the prestigious Defense Technology Exploitation Program (DTEP), supported by Innovate UK. This plan, sponsored by the Directorate of Industrial Strategy and Exports (DISE) of the Ministry of Defence, aims to encourage innovation and improve defense supply chains by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the development of the situation cutting-edge materials, technologies and processes.

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Filtronic wins an important contract with the ARTES program of the European Space Agency

RF and mm-Wave specialist Filtronic has announced the successful European Space Agency (“ESA”) contract win, supported by the UK Space Agency, as a result of a recent funding call in the area. of Space for 5G/6G and Sustainable Connectivity. The 3.7 million euro contract is part of the AEE’s Advanced Research and Telecommunications Systems (“ARTES”) program, which takes advantage of a company’s innovative idea and turns it into a successful commercial deployment, keeping Europe at the forefront of the highly competitive global satellite communications market.

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We inform you of the latest updates. You can download the latest versions using the download links in this newsletter.

Data Sheet Updates

APLCXX(-X) (preliminary) | v0.91 | July 2023 | download
APULNXX | V1.44 | July 2023 | download

GUI updates

Signal sources | V2.136 | July 2023 | download
– Improvements to the lock check status for clarification of some devices,
including APLC.
– Visual UI improvements.
– Functional improvements and bug fixes.

APVSGXX(-X) | V1.0.22 | July 2023 | download
– Improvements and additions to PDW and sequencer.
– Improved connection stability.



Antonics supports the Children’s Day of the local Linden primary school in Velten “Don’t forget to see the world through the eyes of a child”

To support the students of the local Linden Primary School, ANTONICS made a commitment on the occasion of International Children’s Day, June 1, to create an unforgettable day for the students. The donation check was intended to make that special day incredibly exciting for schoolchildren after the times of the Corona pandemic.
In a wide variety of sports and play stations, all the children were able to have non-stop fun. There were even glitter tattoos available for children. There were also snacks between the gaming sessions, such as ice creams and fruit salads.
With countless great moments, funny episodes and a joyful atmosphere, this Children’s Day must remain one of the most beautiful in the memory of children’s school days.

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Filtronic obtains IASME Governance Gold certification

Filtronic, designer and manufacturer of RF-to-mmWave components and subsystems, has been awarded the prestigious IASME Governance Gold certification. This achievement demonstrates Filtronic’s unwavering commitment to strong governance practices, effective policies and procedures, and world-class cybersecurity measures.
The IASME Governance certification, specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, is closely aligned with the esteemed ISO 27001 standard. This award positions the company exceptionally well to secure more contracts in its core markets, including aerospace and defense.

For more information, see here



5 Trends in the aerospace sector

The aerospace industry is dynamic and always changing. Technologies with the potential to change the world are constantly being developed. There are five key trends that are influencing the aerospace industry and shaping the future of the market.

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Questions and answers with Aysel

Aysel is a Product Design Engineer at Radiall in Château-Renault. In his role, he meets the needs of customers by providing 3D cable designs to their specifications.

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Datasheet update

APMSXXG | V1.72 | May 2023 | download

Firmware update
APULNXX | V0.4.205 | May 2023 | download

GUI updates
APPH | V1.3.19 | May 2023 | download

• Improved connection stability (both USB and ethernet).

APVSGXX(-X) | V1.0.21 | May 2023 | download

• Java runtime included in the configuration.
• Improved compatibility with previous firmware versions.
• Various bug fixes and GUI improvements.


Signal generator options improve output power and harmonic performance

AnaPico APSINXXG series signal generators with higher frequency range of 12 or 20 GHz are now available with FILT and PE2 options. The FILT option provides a harmonic level of -60 dBm in the X and Ku band frequency ranges, keeping the maximum power level at +25 dBm. The PE2 option includes a mechanical step attenuator that allows the signal generator to operate down to -120 dBm input power.

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Key needs of the medical industry

Amphenol’s TwinLine range of antennas was unique, when it came on the market 10 years ago, for its 2 parallel low band columns and low downforce characteristics.

Soon, a new TwinLine platform will once again set the standard in #antennas for base stations: The world’s first mid-band 2 low 4 antenna with a #modular (Integra) design will allow mobile network operators to #upgrade antennas to suit that the #grid evolve, with the consequent saving of carbon #emissions.

There is no alt text description for this image.

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Amphenol presents the new sustainability report

Amphenol continues to strengthen our commitment to corporate sustainability across our organization. Throughout 2022, sustainability became even further embedded into our business operations through initiatives such as solar panel installations, energy attribute certificate (EAC) purchases and process engineering upgrades to facilities to mitigate our emissions and decrease our waste. We facilitated environmental, social and governance (ESG) education and trainings for our employees, empowering them to actively participate in our sustainability progress. Our operations continue to develop their dedicated ESG team members, and we are excited to build on our momentum in coming years

View new sustainability report by clicking here


Join us Atlantic Microwave at IMS 2023 in San Diego from the 11th to the 16th of June


The IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS) is the premier annual international meeting for technologists involved in all aspects of microwave theory and practice. It consists of a full week of events, including technical paper presentations, workshops, and tutorials, as well as numerous social events and networking opportunities. The symposium also hosts a large commercial exhibition. Co-located with IMS2 are the IEEE RFIC and ARFTG conferences.

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Eravant will be presenting its SECOND Microapps Seminar on DAY 2 of the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) exhibition! Join us to learn more about our sub-THz Waveguide Switches.

Join us to learn more about our sub-THz waveguide switches.

Day: Wednesday, June 14
Time: 2:15 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
WEMA20 – Sub-THz Waveguide Switches
Location: Booth 2447

More information


Eravant is proud to be partnering with Copper Mountain Technologies to anable engineers to configure tailored test solutions.


CMT has partnered with Eravant (Formerly SAGE Millimeter) to deliver co-branded frequency extender modules covering measurements from 50-110 GHz. With this new product offering, engineers can build a complete mmWave measurement system. Select a base VNA option, then choose from various extender configurations and features, and a comprehensive set of accessories to build a solution tailored to your specific application

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The semiconductor strategy: Will the UK play a leading role?

The UK Government has today released the UK National Semiconductor Strategy with the goal of securing the UK’s position as a global science and technology superpower. The strategy document details a 20-year road map to build on the UK’s world-leading strengths in semiconductor technology as one of five critical technologies of tomorrow.

Filtronic is extremely supportive of this goal and believes that the UK semiconductor industry has the potential to be a significant global contributor. We recently welcomed a team from the newly formed Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) who are responsible for today’s announcement. It was clear from that visit that the government sees the critical importance of the UK sovereign semiconductor industry and the role it can play in support of Aerospace, Defence, Quantum, AI and Future Telecoms – all of which depend on next generation semiconductor technology.

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Filtronic Launches New Active Diplexer and E-Band Amplifier










Designer and manufacturer of RF-to-mmWave components and subsystems, Filtronic, has announced its participation at this year’s International Microwave Symposium (IMS). The event will take place at the San Diego Convention Center, CA from June 11 to 16, 2023. Here, Filtronic will launch two new product ranges — Taurus, a high power E-band amplifier and Hades X2, the company’s next-generation active diplexer.

From booth 315, Filtronic will showcase its two new product ranges to over 7,000 expected attendees. Hades X2 is a next-gen active diplexer with increased performance with a typical PSAT of 30dBm and dual high-power amplifiers. It also boasts 2 x GaAs MMICs that are performance-matched and power combined in waveguide to deliver maximum power and linearity. This follows a successful launch of the first generation of Hades products at

The company will also launch Taurus — a high-power E-band amplifier with market leading linear mmWave power and unparalleled performance for long range E-band comms, with a typical PSAT of 38dBm.

More information

Key Needs of the Medical Industry´s Interconnect Solutions


Medical connectors are used in applications like portable devices, surgical robots, diagnostic equipment, patient monitoring devices, dental surgery equipment and plasma medicine to help with patient care, diagnosis and monitoring. At Radiall, our medical solutions support patient monitoring systems, MRI, CI devices and more.

Requirements of Medical Interconnect Solutions: Medical connectors are used to send data, power and control signals to a system or piece of equipment that helps care for patients. There’s more to choosing a medical connector than making sure it meets technical requirements. The right connector can make equipment last longer, be safer and be easier to use. High-quality interconnect components can also help to make medical equipment or systems work better and provide more value to the end user.

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Contactless connectivity to connect the future










Where traditional and physical connectivity has restrictions due to vibration and dust, contactless connectivity provides high reliability. Contactless connectivity allows us to solve interconnection problems such as oxidation that deteriorates or breaks the connection by eliminating physical connectors.

In electronic systems, where connectors can be the primary point of failure due to poor design and mechanical and/or environmental stress, contactless connectivity offers many advantages when high performance is critical. With an increase in automation and the use of more connected electronic systems, contactless connectivity has several advantages: it is more reliable, facilitates maintenance and allows unlimited mating cycles.

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Improving energy efficiency in new builds and renovations with the explorers project

At Radiall, encouraging our employees’ growth is a part of the empowerment initiatives of our purpose. Part of growing your professional skills includes having the opportunity to explore new ideas and be creative in the work you do. That’s why our teams launched the Explorers program in 2022, an intrapreneurship program in our French facilities that allowed 10 employees to come up with ideas and projects about six innovation topics.

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New CylLine available (5798400R-CHK):

  • Low visual impact solution for our 12 ports 2m NodeLine panel antenna
  • Nice integration of active 5G at the top (option).
  • Useful when large rooftop and no possibility to get proper antenna clearance on our TRIO range (3 sector)
  • Compatible with Integra – ability to upgrade and recycle, saving 50% carbon emission.

More detail on our website:


New 0.9m NodeLine (5767400R):

  • Less than one meter quad band antenna.
  • Small form factor that allows MIMO configuration.
  • Ideal for dense urban area installation.
  • Compatible with Integra – ability to upgrade and recycle, saving 50% carbon emission.
  • Integración óptima 5G en la parte superior con mMIMO & 8T8R Kits híbridos para ocultar radios 5G (opción).

Más detalles en nuestro sitio web:




Data Sheet Updates

APULNXX | V1.43 | Apr. 2023 | download
APSINX010 | V2.25 | Apr. 2023 | download

Firmware updates

APMSXXG | V0.4.204 | Apr. 2023 | download

  • Fixed bug in APMS33G and APMS40G for PHS option

APSINXXG | V0.4.205 | Apr. 2023 | download

  • Adds support for the new NP (narrow pulses) option
  • optimized self-assessment

GUI updates

APVSGXX(-X) | V1.0.20 | Apr. 2023 | download

  • Application of pulse descriptor words.
  • Extended import of CSV QI-Data.
  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements APMS, APMSYN, APSIN, APSYN, APUASYN, APULN | V2.134 | Apr. 2023 | download.
  • Add support for APMSYN14 with fixed power output UI visual improvements.

Manual update from programmer

Signal sources | V2.23 | Apr. 2023 | download

User manual update

Signal sources | V3.05 | Apr. 2023 | download



Filtronic returns to AOC Europe to show its complex integrated RF subsystems and filter technologies.

Filtronic, a leading provider of RF and mmWave technology, will be exhibiting at AOC Europe in Bonn, Germany from May 15-17, 2023. Filtronic’s team of experts will be on stand D4, showcasing its capabilities, including transmit and receive modules (TRMs), transceiver modules and switched filter bank technologies.
Filtronic will also be showing its range of Switched Filter Banks, which consist of a combination of switches and filters integrated into a single module. This integration, which is completed in-house by Filtronic, helps minimize transitions between circuits, leading to optimal fit and reduced physical size.

More information

High frequency solutions: how to manage the increasing data traffic in a finite RF spectrum.

It has been widely reported that the world’s limited natural resources are being depleted at an unsustainable rate – and enormous efforts are underway globally to develop new sustainable solutions. But one finite commodity that is rarely talked about – but is increasingly central to the way we live today – is radio frequency (RF) spectrum.

The functioning of almost all parts of society and industry depends on signals transmitted by radio waves at microwave (MW) and millimeter waves (mmWave) frequencies. Demand for wireless broadband access is growing exponentially, with the number of 5G subscriptions set to exceed 1 billion by the end of 2022. By the end of 2027, 5G subscriptions are projected to reach 4.4 billion. By 2022, the average monthly usage per smartphone is expected to exceed 15 GB.

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A new space switch for satellite applications.

Based on highly capacitive digital processors and active antennas, new telecommunications payloads have been proposed by those in the space industry. This new technology leads to major changes to the architecture of microwave units to handle the demands for cost, mass, integration, DC consumption, thermal dissipation and redundancy/connectivity challenges.
With Radiall’s new Quartz-S, satellite manufacturers can ensure a robust architecture with redundancy rings, while saving weight, having more compact systems, and lowering the ultimate cost of systems.

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Conectores multi-coaxiales de alta fiabilidad para aplicaciones de telecomunicaciones.

More than 90% of the world’s population owns a cell phone. With over 10 billion mobile connections, there are more mobile connections than people on earth. With the evolution of wireless technology, a greater number of coaxial connections are required between antennas and radio units.

Our new M-Loc‍ multi-coaxial connector supports fronthaul technology. This connector is a higher density solution that reduces the size of the antenna panel and radio units. Used in multi-band antenna applications, it can provide reliability and stability for the RF system.

More information.



Amphenol Introduces TRIO 6878335-3 Antenna

• Quadband antenna, double polarization, 45 connectors.
• Independent inclination on each band 2-12° / 2-12° / 2-12° / 2-12°.
• MET and RET versions, 3GPP/AISG2.0, in simple multiple RET (type 1 multiple device) or in Multi-RET (type 17 device, with firmware higher than MD3.10).
• Its patented RET module that controls all tilt angles is fully embedded inside the antenna (field replaceable).
• Optimum 5G deployment with embedded 8T8R 3.5GHz series.

More information


Phase and timing accurate multi-channel radar signal generation.

AnaPico launched its APVSG series of vector signal generators (VSG) in single-channel and multi-channel models two years ago. The main characteristics of these models are:

  • 40 GHz broadband performance and 500 MSa/s data throughput capability compatible with 400 MHz signal bandwidth.
  • Internal 512 MSa memory with 32 bits per sample that supports waveform and sequential segment ID selective playbacks.
  • Fast frequency and amplitude switching that varies from less than a microsecond to a few microseconds depending on the range of frequency change.
  • Phase coherence and phase coherent switching.
  • Fast Control Port (FCP) for fast modulation parameter setting and digital IQ data transmission up to 250 MSa/s.

More information.



5 Trends in the telecommunications sector

Although 5G is already several years old, its expansion and increased use is prompting the telecom industry to find new solutions to the challenges they face. In 2023, there are five key industry trends to look forward to as industry professionals around the world navigate the changing environment.

1. Location
2. Thermal Management
3. Greater Power
4. Open source
5. Ease of installation

More information


Densified cryogenic solution for quantum technologies

Densified Cryogenic Solution for Quantum Technologies

The quantum revolution is here, and more interconnection solutions are needed to keep moving forward. Quantum technologies (sensors, communication and computers) promise to be a technological revolution. Quantum computers could be capable of solving complex optimization problems that are beyond the reach of today’s most powerful supercomputers. As a harsh environment interconnectivity enabler, Radiall provides more advanced and dedicated solutions to meet the highest expectations of quantum engineers.

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Advice to the new generation of engineers

Advice to the Next Generation of Engineers

Engineering matters, we know, but why? Some might assume that engineering is about building infrastructure, and that’s partially true. But engineers are much more than builders. Engineers are visionaries who ask the world questions and answer them with technology. Engineers have a hand in designing the world we live in, how it moves, grows, and changes. Ultimately, engineers solve problems, striving to answer the old and recurring question: “Can we do this?”

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Introducing the APMSYN40: RF Synthesizer Module – 1 MHz to 40 GHz.

The frequency synthesizer has a frequency range of 1 MHz to 40 GHz, a switching time of approximately 50 μs, and an output power range of -30 to +25 dBm. SSB phase noise at 20 kHz offset from a 1 GHz carrier is -142 dBc/ Hz, with a 10 GHz carrier, it is -125 dBc/ Hz. The resolution is 1 mHz for frequency, 0.1° for phase, and 0.5 dB for power. Frequency accuracy is calibrated to 30 ppb and temperature stability 100 ppb over the operating temperature range of 0 to 50°C.

Several of the APMSYN40 modules can be connected together using a common 1 GHz reference base to generate multi-channel phase coherent signal sources.

More information


The first OPEN RAN antenna test center in Europe opens its doors in March 2023.

Amphenol Antenna Solutions, a leading provider of wireless infrastructure for mobile networks, opens Europe’s first test center for Open RAN active antennas. The facilities, which feature a state-of-the-art MVG SG Evo measurement system, will allow European network operators to validate the interoperability and performance of Open RAN hardware and software and find the best configuration for their needs.

Operators will be able to compare antennas from different manufacturers, view 3D radiation patterns, check backbone compatibility, perform end-to-end over-the-air testing, and view traffic volume handled and electricity consumed. The center will also allow operators to understand the impact of changing a system component and perform tests to diagnose and resolve problems in the field.

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Go beyond the limits of LEO applications. Filtronic expands its presence in the satellite communications market.

Filtronic, designer and manufacturer of products and subsystems for the aerospace, defense, telecommunications infrastructure, space and critical communications markets, has announced the award of a new contract with one of the world’s leading providers of satellite communications equipment in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

In recent years, a lot of work has been done to develop air communication networks that overcome the limitations of terrestrial networks. The design of these systems poses a number of challenges, one of which is the development of communications transport links that offer sufficient bandwidth and range to provide full connectivity.

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Is sharing antennas an option for you?


The difficulties of acquiring new antenna sites as demand for capacity increases are increasing for most mobile network operators, and in some cases the optimal solution is to share a base station antenna among several operators.


With the TwinLine product range, Amphenol pioneered the ability to share one antenna between two operators 10 years ago.

Now they are pioneers again, creating a new platform that allows it to be shared between three operators:

  • 3 independent low band columns.
  • 6 independent columns of medium band.
  • Modular design allows for future upgrades (Integra compatibility).

For more information click here



Data sheet update

  • APMSXXG (SN *-****[FGL] *****-**) | V1.70 | Jan. 2023 | download

firmware updates

  • APSINX010 | V0.4.200 | Jan. 2023 | download
  • APSINXXG | V0.4.200 | Jan. 2023 | download


Variable Waveguide Attenuators

Variable Waveguide Attenuators are found in many applications including test setups and various electronic systems. Dimmers using active devices vary their attenuation in response to electronic control signals. Passive level adjust attenuators are mechanically adjusted.

For more information, see here


Future Focus: New Possibilities for RF Communications

Reliable access to high-speed, high-volume data communications has the potential to transform many industries and enable powerful new applications. These opportunities depend on the continued development of technologies to transmit, receive, and condition radio waves at higher frequencies, along with the licensing of higher frequency bandwidths to accommodate huge increases in data traffic.

As technology evolves and new frequencies are approved for use, we examine some of the trends and opportunities for industries and applications in the coming years.

For more information, see here