RF&Microwave solutions

Soluciones RF&Microondas


RF and MW test and measurement instruments

Anapico presents its latest datasheet and firmware updates. You can download the latest versions directly from the download section of their website.

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Automated manufacturing processes are integrating industrial lasers for precision processing, inspection and testing of materials. Fiber optic connectors help make these systems possible.

Fiber optic technology is enabling a new generation of ultra-fast, high-power industrial lasers. These precision light beams are used in testing, inspection, and processing, making the production of components and equipment faster and more efficient, and expanding the capabilities of test labs and manufacturers.

Lasers emit light through an optical amplification process based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The most common laser technologies are CO2 lasers, fiber lasers, solid-state lasers, diode lasers, infrared (IR) lasers, and ultraviolet (UV) lasers.

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Timbercon, a Radiall company, designs and manufactures high-reliability fiber optic, hybrid and laser cable assemblies for the military, aerospace, data communications, medical and industrial markets.

Industrial lasers optimize Industry 4.0 online automated optical inspection equipment

Printed circuit board inspection is a critical process for pick and place machines. Manual inspection is unreliable, inconsistent and too time-consuming, so automation with lasers is essential. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is widely used in most production-level PCBA pick-and-place manufacturing systems for inspection, but it is achieved automatically. This provides a high degree of repeatability and is especially fast and useful when you are at the end of a line producing soldered PCBAs, where you can quickly identify defects and component orientation. AOI tests typically use LED, infrared (IR), or ultraviolet (UV) lasers to identify defects. Some systems use X-ray technology.

What are hermetic connectors?

Hermetic connectors are completely sealed against the ingress of air or liquid by a glass, ceramic, or composite sealing device or material. Hermetic sealing offers the highest level of protection available from air, gases, chemicals, moisture, debris and other contaminants. It is an essential feature for many harsh environment connectors, particularly those used in medical, military, or space applications. For more information, click here .


Hermetic Solutions offers connectors, cable glands, vacuum products and headers that can withstand mechanical and thermal stresses that far exceed the limits of most conventional connector solutions.