Aicox Soluciones and Mitsubishi Electric present the new TH-Series, 7th generation IGBT modules with high switching speed


Mitsubishi Electric, Aicox Soluciones partner for the Spanish market, offers a new family of IGBT modules specially designed to work at high switching frequencies for applications that require frequencies between 20 and 60 kHz.

As the main benefits of the product, the TH-series offer lower power losses in the indicated frequency ranges compared to the T-series (standard) and with its predecessor NFH-series also high frequency.

Without reaching the low levels of losses offered by technology in Silicon Carbide, full SiC or Hybrid SiC, they are an excellent solution in applications of medical equipment, welding, electric vehicle charger or induction heating equipment, being also a solution for lower cost than Silicon Carbide (SiC).

The TH-series feature 7th generation 200A / 400A / 600A 1200V IGBT modules in market standard packages.

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