New SLIMDIP-Z module

Aicox Soluciones and Mitsubishi Electric present the new SLIMDIP-Z module


Mitsubishi Electric expands its SLIMDIP range and reaches up to 30 amps of nominal current with a new intelligent module in 30A/600V SLIMDIP package.

By reducing thermal resistance and motor noise, the SLIMDIP-Z is presented as a solution for inverter systems that need to reach up to this current range and simplify and reduce the size of the inverter.


  • Insulation improvements reduce thermal resistance between chip and capsule by 40% compared to the existing 15 amp SLIMDIP-L, increasing current rating to 30 amps.
  • The motor noise reduction technology implemented in the RC-IGBTs (Reverse Conducting-IGBTs) helps to reduce the number of noise-suppressing components on the board, which will facilitate the design of inverter systems of smaller size and cost.





Home air conditioners, washing machines, etc.


18.8 x 32.8 x 3.6mm

Rating voltage


Rating current


built-in chips

Three-phase inverter bridge with built-in RC-IGBT, HVIC, LVIC and bootstrap diode chips.


– Short-circuit (SC) protection by means of router shunt resistor.
– Controlled power sluppy under-voltage (UV) protection. For output on N-side.
– Over-temperature protection (on N-side).
– Analog temperature voltage output (VOT).


From February 2023.


Open-emitter N-side IGBT.


The SLIMDIP series offer encapsulation compatibility in dimensions and pin out in its entire range from 5 to 30 amps.

This new SLIMDIP-Z module addresses the market demands for higher power inverter systems, mainly for washing machines, air conditioners, white goods and small capacity general purpose motors.


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