X-dream presents Fabrik

X-dream presents Fabrik, a unified solution for production and post-production, from Aicox.

Representatives from the world of production and post-production have come to the Aicox offices to attend a conference in which X-dream has introduced Fabrik, an end-to-end solution for production and post-production prepared to unify ingestion and post-production processes. , MAM, playout, publishing or monitoring in a single SaaS application.

The introduction of X-dream-fabrik has been the icing on the cake of an extensive day in which spokespersons from to production and post-production; the same ones that, later, attendees would discover are capable of interoperating with each other to shape a system that seeks to cover the entire business chain: from production to distribution, including post-production. But let’s start at the beginning.

Javier García Jiménez, director of broadcast and IT at Aicox, presented the event as a “miniseries made up of six chapters” that ended with a season finale starring fabrik. Joanna Eberhardt, head of sales and business development for this company, also participated in this introduction to carry out a complete diagnosis of the production and post-production industry, and identify a trend towards hybrid work models.

Next, Aitor Falcó (sales department) and Toni Vilalta (product manager) starred in the first episode on behalf of Woody Technologies, which since 2013 has focused its activity on the creation of advanced software solutions for ingestion and outgest. Both speakers focused their intervention on the In2It ecosystem, a solution built around pillars such as automation, intelligent media and metadata processing, interoperability with third-party solutions, a commitment to web interfaces, scalability and redundancy.

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