In this virtual roundtable organised by CSI and sponsored by Harmonic, senior executives discuss the technical and business trends and challenges as the industry moves to next-generation hybrid architectures Among the topics covered are the move away from satellite to broadband IP, how Covid has accelerated strategic shifts, global spectrum pressures including the impact of C-band in the US, live sports and 5G, as well as what is being done to make distribution across all networks more sustainable.

Virtual roundtable: Primary video distribution – CSI Magazine


No more Fires, N+I, is the response of Aicox Soluciones to a social need to bring new technologies to the care of the Environment and collaborate with the organizations and people who protect our forests.


The mayor of El Molar, Yolanda Sanz, has signed a collaboration agreement with Aicox Soluciones, who has carried out a research project to develop an early fire detection system with some proofs of concept, as a “pilot experience” . The City Council of El Molar is going to implement this system in order to be able to stop them “in their first phases” and that the damage is as minor as possible, studying both the electrical network and the communications network.

Using Deep Lerning technology, an analysis of images from four orthogonally placed cameras is made to cover the entire viewing area from a specific observation point. The result of the analysis of the images allows detecting situations in which there is a fire or smoke that covers at least 6.25% of the width or height of the image, allowing fires to be detected and notified when they are not yet large and can be extinguished. before it becomes necessary to spend excessive resources.

The image analysis has been trained to differentiate smoke from clouds, making our system more robust than those on the market.

In this sense, the City Council has authorized AICOX to install in the Atalaya de El Molar the necessary equipment to compose an autonomous surveillance post for early detection of fires. This surveillance post makes it possible to detect any outbreak of fire in the area and to act as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of the fire.


The joint project of Etiqmedia and Atresmedia, on the implementation of AI-based algorithms within its documentation department, has been published in the prestigious Journal of Digital Media Management.

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What is driving media companies to adopt cloud-based video processing and distribution solutions for broadcast and streaming? Of course, an important catalyst is the global health crisis of COVID-19.

Video consumption skyrocketed, and when global lockdowns took effect, the cloud materialized as an exceptionally resilient infrastructure.

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StreamVID supports the widest range of operating systems, platforms and devices, such as Apple iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Android, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Fire TV, LG, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Chromecast, among others. Its end-to-end managed platform delivers a high-quality customer experience that translates into higher customer satisfaction and lower churn. For more information click here.

IN2IT access is a tool that helps manage all local and remote operations. This is what your users need to share their images and stories with the rest of your team. IN2IT access has been designed for all users. It takes file and camera ingest operations to an unprecedented level of intuitiveness, thanks to a highly configurable web user interface. Among its main features are: hundreds of compatible sources, automatic detection of camera cards, partial ingest and many more…

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Editshare, a technology leader specializing in intelligent storage, security and collaboration solutions for media creation and management, introduces an EFSv innovation that transforms the economics of cloud publishing while significantly improving workflow efficiency dynamic and remote editing. By making cloud publishing more accessible to more facilities, EFSv optimizes the use of block and object storage located in the cloud enabling savings of up to 75% compared to existing cloud storage and workstation costs. job.

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Metus INGEST is a must-have desktop media capture, transcoding and streaming software. It offers a wide variety of ingest modules to import content from various sources and formats. It is very easy to use software. On a single screen are all the controls and windows necessary for manual operation. Metus INGEST is used in television studios, critical archiving operations, control rooms, audiovisual control centers, research laboratories and military test centers around the world.

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TAG Video Systems has released the Realtime Media Platform, an innovative open source paradigm that monitors, aggregates, manages, and uses data-driven audience analytics to provide users with the information needed to build performing linear media systems. The multi-tiered, real-time media platform provides users with the tools they need to make informed and intelligent decisions, resulting in an accurate and pristine audience experience and leading to increased consumption, higher audience engagement, customers and increased loyalty.

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The linear television experience has evolved many times in recent years, from videotape to file, from analog to digital, from SD to HD or UHD, and from SDI to IP. As the current media landscape sees significant growth in streaming video, questions about the future of linear television naturally arise: “Is linear television dead?”, “Is linear television dying?” or “What’s next for linear TV?” Read Harmonic’s new article “Personalized TV: The Linear TV Experience is Evolving” to learn more about transforming the linear TV experience with personalization and creating new business opportunities.

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