Mobile World Congress 2024 is here, and this Small Cell deployment is one of thousands of Amphenol Antenna Solutions Small Cell antennas deployed across the United States.

Visit their booth #7B51, Hall 7.

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Application Note Update

AN1002 | 26PIN quick control port | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD

Datasheet Updates

APMQS20 | V1.03 | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD
APULNXX | V1.45 | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD

APSYN140 | V1.14 | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD

APLCXX(-X) | V1.03 | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD
We are pleased to announce that our APLCXX signal generator is now presented in a new, modern housing. Harmonic performance has been improved and new graphs have been added for pulse modulation performance.

APSINXXG | V2.73 | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD

Firmware update

APMSXXG | V0.4.209 | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD

APMSXXG | V0.4.210 | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD

Improved browser-based user interface (web UI)

APULNXX | V0.4.211 | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD

Improved self-diagnosis

User manual update

Signal sources | V3.06 | Feb. 2024 | DOWNLOAD

New comparison with the competition

APVSG-X vs SMW200A | Feb. 2024
Based on competitive analysis, we are pleased to inform you that the AnaPico APVSG-X is able to compete with the SMW200A in applications requiring multi-channel phase coherent signals. Our solution has advantages in phase coherence performance, number of channels and price.

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ANTONICS and VIANOVA modernize New York buses

The project will equip more than 5,000 coaches and city buses with an innovative antenna that will enable a dynamic infotainment system for passengers.

“The heart of this technology is a dual-channel GNSS interface, which was necessary for the high requirements of the project,” explains Josef Kreidl, Managing Director of VIANOVA Technologies. The reason: New York is a concrete jungle characterized by skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, making it difficult to accommodate buses. Equipped with dual-channel GNSS, it is now possible to determine the location of buses with an accuracy of almost a centimeter at any time.

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Filtronic consolidates its position in the LEO market with a new follow-on contract for Cerus 32

RF and millimeter wave specialist Filtronic has signed a £7.8m contract with a major low Earth orbit (LEO) organisation. This is the largest order achieved to date by Filtronic with this new space pioneer and represents greater customer confidence in Filtronic technology.

As part of the contract, Filtronic will supply the second generation of the high-performance Cerus 32 solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) for E-band, which will be used in the deployment of the customer’s E-band earth station network.

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Filtronic wins £4.5m contract with BAE Systems

We can now offer you more details about one of the awards that we announced at the end of 2023. This is a contract with BAE Systems for the supply of radio frequency electronic modules.

The contract was awarded by BAE Maritime Services. Product qualification began at the end of calendar year 2023, and the product will be supplied over the next 24 months.

Filtronic has secured a collaboration contract with PRFI, a leading UK-based technical design consultancy providing monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) design and development services. Filtronic was tasked with developing advanced packaging for MMICs optimized for both thermal and radio frequency (RF) performance.

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Kaelus and Fujitsu Network Communications together at MWC 2024

#MWC24 is here, from February 26 to 29 in Barcelona.

Visit the Fujitsu booth in Hall 2 – hashtag#2G60 to explore how to help operators simplify their O-RAN deployment.

Discover all aspects of how frequency selective design and continuous beam technology make a difference in 5G mMIMO integrated antenna radio solutions.

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Secure connection at higher frequencies

Designed to offer high performance in demanding environments, SMP-LOCK ensures a robust and stable link, even in the face of vibrations and shocks. The SMP range provides a secure connection in tight spaces or at high frequencies, allowing you to be confident that the connection will not fail in critical applications.

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