GENCELL BOX, long-life backup power solution for critical communications.

In recent years our world has suffered multiple climate-related catastrophes. These catastrophes reinforce what we already know: that telecommunications and digital connectivity play an indispensable role in today’s world .
This connectivity depends entirely on electricity to power the network equipment and devices we use to stay connected. As systems consume more energy, the transition to clean energy resources becomes even more crucial. Replacing standby power from fossil fuels allows telecommunications providers to satisfy environmentally conscious consumers, while eliminating the root cause of the climate crisis behind the outages that require electricity. reserve power.

The GENCELL BOX has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of telecommunications base stations while complying with environmental regulations and renewable energy incentives.


  • Simple installation.
  • Complies with environmental regulations: it does not produce noise, smoke, CO2 emissions or require a long start-up time.
  • Maximum reliability: very resistant to extreme environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, salinity).
  • Powered by hydrogen, based on alkaline fuel cells.
  • Designed to interface with standard protocols of telecommunications energy management systems.

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