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Using COTS components to configure application-specific subassemblies

Eravant can ease the prototyping process by providing block diagrams for a variety of sub-assemblies commonly found in mmWave systems. Many design examples include technical notes that describe basic operating principles. Block diagrams often indicate product families that comprise various subsystem components. Many block diagrams also include suggested part numbers from Eravant’s wide selection of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. By emphasizing bandwidth as the primary design goal for its COTS product families, Eravant ensures that the right components are available for a wide range of prototyping needs.

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drone defense technology

In recent years, the market for UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) has exploded. Technology has advanced significantly, and a wide range of unmanned aircraft systems have come of age. In particular, the emergence of drones represents a challenge for the military and aerospace sectors.
Drone Threats: Today, drones can be used for a variety of reasons, from conducting search operations to providing food services. Unfortunately, they are not always used for good. In fact, its most threatening use is for military reconnaissance. Drone operators often use them for surveillance and targeted attacks. They have the ability to collect data and information about transportation, which takes advantage of the security of the military aerospace sectors.

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Space Connectors and Space Switches

Since 1974, Radiall has participated in more than 300 satellite programs and has established a strong reputation for space connectors and space switches. Today, Radiall leads the industry when it comes to quality, reliability and performance. Our qualified products include coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, microwave components, and switches.

Space Market Expectations: The global satellite telecommunications market is constantly changing, increasing the demand for durable and compact products. We are now seeing a shift from the classic TV broadcast application to an IP-based broadband market that requires high-performance and adaptable satellites.

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New medium cell antennas 0201-100404s and 0202-100404s

Amphenol introduces the new 0201-100404s and 0202-100404s medium cell antennas. This range of compact antenna solutions has proven itself in 4G/5G densification and also as a great alternative to macro cells, not only in dense urban areas but also in remote areas.

Main features:

– Ideal for multi-carrier or 4×4 MIMO deployments.
– They have an easily removable lifting ring.
– They are ready for 5G.
– One is a tri-sector configuration, the other is a pseudo omni configuration.

For more information, see datasheet 0201-100404s and 0202-100404s