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Shaping the passenger experience, a different kind of showroom with LAT

With the help of its partners, LAT transforms a DDR S-Bahn train into a modern meeting room. Antonics supplies the antennas for this unique showroom concept.
The LAT Group has developed a modern showroom concept near the RAW headquarters in Berlin. With the support of several partners, including Antonics GmbH and IT am Fahrzeug (organizational unit for vehicle maintenance of the DB), a former DDR S-Bahn train carriage was technically modernized: From passenger displays to transmission technology (5G antennas) and passenger WiFi. In addition to the original seating, the carriage now has a meeting room and a bar. The 1929 series 476 railcar will be available for rent for events and customer meetings. On-site workshops will also be held, where corporations, family-owned companies and start-ups from the mobility sector can meet to unleash creativity and exchange ideas.

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New ODU satellite simulator

Atlantic Microwave, leaders in Satcom RF testing equipment, has launched a brand-new modular ODU Satellite Simulator.

The SatSim utilises the versatile Genus universal platform to provide configurable loop-back testing across multiple bands including C, X, Ku, and Ka-band. The engineering team can configure the Satellite Simulator to your custom frequency requirements, as well as provide bespoke additional features if required.

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VNA Extender configuration guide

The STO series of VNA frequency extenders increases the reach of coaxial Vector Network Analyzers to millimeter-wave frequencies. Three different STO configurations are offered for waveguide bands from 50 to 330 GHz. The most versatile STO configuration is the Transmit/Receive (TX/RX) version. More specialized versions include the Receive-Only (RX) and Transmit/Reference (TX/Ref) configurations. Options include increased test-signal power. A level-setting attenuator for amplitude control is standard in TX/RX and TX/Ref models.

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What is ARINC 600?

The term ARINC 600 is often seen in discussions about the aerospace industry. While it may be one ARINC standard among several, the ARINC 600 plays a key role in the manufacturing and design of avionic equipment, and has done so for almost 30 years. ARINC, which stands for Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated, was originally a company that provided transportation communications and systems engineering solutions across several industries, and was eventually incorporated into Collins Aerospace.

Radiall’s NSX ARINC 600 series is recognized globally for its wide range of solutions in a mix and match approach that allows custom harnesses to be created based on customer needs. NSX is also backward compatible with the last generation of ARINC 600 connectors while maintaining high reliability and high performance output

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New software and firmware updates

Discover the latest gui and firmware updates from Anapico. You can download the latest versions directly from the download section of their website or use the download links below.